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cvs-logo 2014.  Team modernized CVS e-commerce website and mobile application to handle more transactions and provide such enhanced functionality as advanced prescription refill options, dynamic cross-selling and discounting, mobile coupons, and best-in-class customer service.
2013.  With its business challenged by the Affordable Care Act, the team provided a digital transformation of the Humana brand from a B2B health insurer to a holistic, consumer-centric wellness company; transformation from providing a fragmented customer experience to a consistent experience across all business units, functions, websites, and communications channels;  business transformation from siloed products and services to an enterprise site that encouraged cross-sells among the various products and services.
lipitor logo
2011.  Team developed a campaign to keep patients on Lipitor,  before it is sold against generics beginning  and delivered winning deck explaining the  POV (Point of View)  for Unit 7’s  (an Omnicom agency)  how we would implement a customer loyalty program to be online before the drug faces its first  competition in November of this year.  The loyalty program includes a co-pay card that enables customers to pay as a low as $4 to fill a prescription, a specialized version of  myheartwise.com that provides useful tips and tricks to more easily maintain a healthier diet and exercise regiment and make other lifestyle tips that are good for the heart.
lexisnexis logo

2011.Team developed online Law Firm Marketing Solutions and communicated their value to law firms seeking to grow their business with either consumers or corporate clients.  Solutions include website audits and website development, SEO consulting, listings and client reviews on lawyers.com and martindale.com,  establishing and optimizing a firm’s blog platform as well as presence on such social networks as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Martindale® Connected,  as well as  Counsel to Counsel Forum Press, a collection of  e-newsletter articles highlighting firms who have participated in blasted to over 40,000 corporate counsel nationwide.  Collectively, these offers increase firm’s visibility and credibility among prospective clients and strengthen within the legal community to obtain new business directly with consumers and corporate counsel as well as indirectly from referrals from other law firms.

tates logo

2011. The company started out as a small bakery in South Hampton, NY, but has grown to a multi-million dollar retail, wholesale and e-commerce business. Provided digital marketing and roadmap to quadruple e-commerce revenues over three years.  Tactics included: 1) increase traffic to their site with a home page re-design,  a blog, a stronger social media presence, as well as organic and paid search campaigns; 2) convert a higher percentage of visitors to leads with optimized landing pages, a redesigned home page and additional navigation options;, 3) convert a higher percentage of leads to customers with email and social media as well as superior online merchandising, including videos;4)  increase average order value, relevant up-sell and cross-sell offers;  as well as  4) increase frequency of purchases and 5) long-term customer value with engaging content, including  frequent blog, video and social media posts and emails that contain compelling offers.
Maiden form logo
2010.  Team redesigned the UK E-commerce site, to keep it current with the then current North American site.  Included such critical changes as branding, currency, postal address formats,  spelling and other local considerations.
2007 – 2009. As a consumer electronics brand that attracts a technical audience, the main objective is to provide detailed product information enabling consumers, custom installers and other resellers to research, select and purchase Denon products.   The site supports resellers (and avoids channel conflict) by implementing BUY NOW functionality on every product page, which provides links to the associated  product pages of online e-tailers (e.g., Amazon.com, Crutchfield.com) who have the product in stock, as well as a BUY LOCALLY option, enabling consumers to indicate their zip code to visit local retailers  (e.g., nearest Best Buy).  Since we tagged the resellers’ order confirmation page, we were able to measure the direct revenues associated with each and every marketing campaign.  By adding a blog, a huge fan base on Facebook and Twitter, Denon has been able to leverage the passion that its customers have for their products, providing a viral spread that brought us new customers with extremely low customer acquisition costs.  More up-sell and cross-sell options increased average order size, while increased enagement increased the frequency of purcahse and long-term customer value.  Our Facebook posts and Twitter tweets–as well as emails to our Owners’ Club members–notify these audiences about about special offers, that not only provide their own revenue stream, but also enable Denon to move excess end-of year inventory. Customer service costs were also reduced with social media.  The proactive customer service, including onsite FAQs auto-generated by our multichannel CRM system–as well as blog posts, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets–reduced overall customer service costs by 27%.

McIntosh logo

2007-2009. Instead of just targeting the top tier of the audiophile market, the new site targeted affluent customers in general, who can afford these top-of-the-line audio/video products with a gorgeous, luxurious site that demonstrates the beauty, quality and heritage of their products that are still hand-crafted in upstate New York.  An photo upload feature enables users to show-off their McIntosh equipment on the site, while videos depict the tremendous impact of McIntosh on famous recording artists.  Videos of the factory, moreover,  show-off the craftsmanship and quality that goes into the manufacturing process.

boston-acoustics-logo2007-2009. Site redesign changed positioning of Boston Acoustics from just another of hundreds of speaker companies to one that appeals to incorporating BA products into the personal lifestyles of consumers. Users not only search by product category (e.g., book shelf speakers, in-wall speakers), but also by selecting the room where the speakers are to be placed, emphasizing the different lifestyle elements that match speakers with different environments.  Once the visitor indicated the room, they input some important charactertistics of the room (e.g., estimated size, materials that would reflect or absorb sound, design elements).  The site then provides the recommended products.  This effort to streamline the research-to-purchase experience doubled the site’s conversion rates.

Compared with Denon, which is more concerned about potential channel conflict, Boston Acoustics takes an aggressive approach to e-commerce on the site. This brand’s presence on Facebook  and Twitter, enable BA to engage more deeply with its fans, which fosters customer retention and long-term loyalty.  Fans, in turn, share their experiences with their friends, adding a viral component to accelerate customer acquistion at marketedly reduce costs per acquisition,  and an engagement level that facilitates frequent purchases and lifetime customer value.  As with Denon, our Facebook posts and Twitter tweets–as well as emails to our Owners Club members–notify these audiences about special offers, that not only provide their own revenue stream, but enable BA to move excess inventory.  Customer service costs were also reduced with social media.  Proactive customer service–including onsite FAQs auto-generated by our mutltchannel CRM system–as well as blog posts, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, reduced overall customer service costs by 23%.

Denon DJ Website

2007-2009 Instead of its previous product focus, an approach was taken that emphasized the artistic and consumer experience, including lifestyle imagery, profiles of popular DJs, celebrity DJ endorsements, and user reviews. The redesign appealed to the youthful “aspiring” DJ as well as professional DJs already playing in clubs, weddings and other venues with an exciting, uplifting experience.  Pulsating music throughout the site keeps visitors pumped-up and highly engaged.  The site captures the powerful emotions associated with DJs’ opportunties to control the mood of crowds attending their events.  It features lifestyle information about celebrity DJs, including their bios, videos,  audio mixes and their favorite Denon DJ products.  Additional information about best business practices helps DJs obtain more revenue and profits.  This information provides a reason for DJs to come back to the site for the latest information to improve their “game,” which encouraged more frequent visits, higher customer retention rates and long-term brand loyalty.  When viewing the site, don’t forget to either turn up or lower the volume on your computer, depending upon your appreciation (or lack thereof) of  current dance music!

IncentOne website

2005-2007. The site redesign was part of a major re-branding initiative as the company migrated from providing relatively simple incentives (e.g., Gift Cards) for HR reward and recognition programs, to providing sophisticated applications for the Healthcare industry (providing incentives to drive down health care costs).  Rather than targeting HR managers, the Company needed to appeal to C-Level executives within Health Plans and large corporations.  This required a more corporate look and feel, richer content, and the ability to enter the site based upon who you are rather than the internal organization of the company.  The result is a site that is truly “customer-centric.”

logo for cendant

2001-2004. Enabled the various Cendant websites to act as an ad network for targeting and re-targeting customers to encourage them to become customers of other Cendant consumer businesses, including hotels (e.g. Ramada, Super 8, Days Inn, Howard Johnson, to name a few), rental car companies (Avis and Budget), travel distribution companies (including Orbitz and Galileo), real estate brands (including Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ERA, Cendant Mobility) and financial services (including Cendant Mortgage,  Jackson Hewitt  and Trilegiant). leveraged behavioral targeting, including the use of cookies and CRM to serve personalized and re-targeted ads, emails and telemarketing scripts to increase cross-sell revenues from $20MM to $70MM within 3 months.  By leveraging these technologies, and testing alternative verbiage, I was able to increase the ROI of these marketing initiatives by 375%.

Logo for Illusion Fusion Interactive

1998-2001. Served as VP, Interactive Marketing for this top Silicon alley interactive during the late 1990s and early 2000s before the market crashed in 2001.   I helped triple annual revenues by signing and providing solutions for such accounts as IBM, Coca Cola, John Deere, Fannie MaeClaritin, Realtor.com, Pantone, Liberty Travel, Prudential, and the Home Shopping Network.

AT&T logos

1988 – 1998.   Developed first online, e-commerce and email solutions, including the launch of PersonaLink Services, the first wireless, multimedia messaging service for users of first generation PDAs manufactured by Sony and Motorola, with software provided by our partner, General Magic. The products are approximately the size of the current  7″ Samsung Galaxy tablet, except much thicker and heavier.  Among many other features, PersonaLink offered e-commerce services for such brands as 1-800-FLOWERS, Tower Records and LexisNexis Information Services.   Of course, TCP/IP and the Internet soon emerged as the standards, supplanting all previous proprietary services,including PersonaLink.  Fortunately, we were able to migrate our consumers to AT&T Worldnet Internet Access Services and our business customers to AT&T’s Web Hosting and E-commerce services.   The PDAs were redesigned to be portable internet browsers, complete with hyperlinks. The video shows the power of the PersonaLink solution and how it was way ahead of its time.

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