This blog shares practical ideas about how companies can grow their businesses by applying the best and most current practices in digital marketing and e-commerce. These ideas are a product of the author’s 20 years of professional experience helping companies improve their digital marketing and e-commerce results.


Initially trained in classical marketing, product management, public relations and business development, Rob Kaminoff discovered the power of digital marketing and e-commerce during their inception in the mid-1990s. He has remained on the forefront of digital marketing strategy and execution over the last 20 years. Mr. Kaminoff has worked with businesses of all sizes, from large Fortune 500 companies to mid-market businesses and start-ups. Between his client-side, vendor, agency and consulting experiences, Rob has demonstrated success across multiple industries, including CPG, retail, advertising, media, entertainment, travel, healthcare, banking, insurance, travel, real estate and information technology.

Rob’s consulting engagements help companies develop, align and implement digital strategies that transform their businesses into more customer-centric enterprises that leverage analytics to inform corporate decision-making and a more personalized experience for customers. He also advises companies on activating more current and low cost channels of engagement, including social and mobile communications that enable businesses to be accessible to customers and prospects wherever they are, at any time, through their preferred communications channel. Rob also advises companies how to leverage multichannel communications to drive customer acquisition, usage, cross-sales, retention, as well as long-term customer loyalty and value. This means providing the very best customer experience throughout each phase of the customer journey and life-cycle.

Mr. Kaminoff obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Goddard College and Master’s of Psychology degree from the State University of New York. More information is available about the blogger under other pages of the blog.

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