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Wow! We can now select among three fonts for Adsense ad appearance!

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It doesn’t sound revolutionary does it? But for those who have been dying to have some impact on the design of their AdSense ad appearance, this could be the start of something very useful.  For the first time, Google is now offering the opportunity for non-premium users  to select among three fonts for their AdSense text ads:  Arial, Times and Verdana. (Larger premium publishers already had more control of the appearance of text ads on their sites.)  Hopefully,  Adsense  will increase these offerings in the future.  Google has already received a number of requests for Trebuchet MS,  since many websites utilize this font for content.  Others have asked for flexibility in the size of the font face.

How to Do It

To customize the ad units, AdSense users need to visit the “Ad Display” section within their Account settings and select the custom font they want to use for their ads.  Once they pick that font, they can update their account and, as soon as the updated code is copied to their site, all of their ads will immediately change.

The Value of Additional Fonts

By enabling website owners to match the look and feel of their Adsense text ads with the rest of the content on the site,  they are able to blur the distinction between the ads and editorial content on the site.  This should theoretically increase click-thrus and revenues for the publisher.    Of course its always best to test the different alternatives to see which actually outperforms the others.

What do you think?

For the full story go to http://adsense.blogspot.com/

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