A Brief History of Online Merchandising and Thoughts About the Future

shopping-websiteBefore the web came along, catalog companies were the first to experiment with merchandising techniques designed to overcome the lack of a fully immersive in-store shopping experience. Punchy and persuasive product descriptions, detailed specifications, and imagery were needed to compensate for the lack of interaction with sales agents. The better catalogs have included lifestyle shots of how customers use their products, rather than merely listing products or showing photographs of products. Instead of listing products in alphabetical order, they tried groupings based on themes, styles, designers, complete outfits, etc. Continue reading

B2B Sales & Marketing: Why can’t we just get along?

Barbed wire fenceDid you know that:

Approximately one-half  of the material Marketing generates for Sales never gets used?

Salespeople typically spend about 40% of their time creating customer-facing collateral rather than selling?

Only 10%-15% of the collateral Sales produces is consistent with corporate strategy and messaging?

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