Omnichannel Strategy & Transformation


  • Increase profitability by integrating marketing initiatives, reducing and organizing initiatives into logical releases to improve time-to-market and costs
  • Realize synergies among initiatives to produce a result that it is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Inform and sequence future initiatives by assessing fit with overall strategy
  • Grow the business by understanding the inter-relationships and synergies among tactics that improve overall digital marketing performance and ROI


While clients may have multiple digital marketing initiatives underway, they often lack a holistic strategy that ties them together and informs future initiatives.  This is needed to determine:

  • Whether these are the most important issues worth pursuing
  • The best tools & platforms have been selected for these initiatives
  • The business has people, processes, metrics, and content to leverage the tools
  • Synergies can be achieved among the various point solutions to maximize their collective effectiveness and ROI
  • How initiatives can be prioritized and scheduled for greater efficiency


There are several phases of a digital strategy and transformation engagement.  We can enter and exit at any time during this process.Digital Strategy and Transformation Process


  • Current state assessment
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business, functional & technical requirements
  • Future state KPIs and architecture
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Business case, break-even & cost benefit analysis
  • Governance and change management plan