RK Associates LogoRK Associates offers a broad range of services that provide superlative experiences for prospects, customers, partners, and employees as well as customer acquisition, sales, retention and long-term loyalty for our clients. Through testing and analytics the objective is to continuously improve the ROI of digital assets and marketing initiatives.  Projects range from full-scale digital strategy and transformation engagements to tactical projects that contribute to the development and execution of digital strategies.

Digital Strategy & Transformation

We help clients develop and execute digital strategies.  Services range from large scale strategy and transformation initiatives to individual piece parts and tactics that contribute towards such transformations.

Tactical Projects

Tactical projects include developing and managing digital products, driving user traffic and usage, optimizing the effectiveness of omnichannel marketing campaigns and e-commerce conversions, as well as providing superlative customer experiences via any and all touch points and channels throughout the customer journey.  


There are a few underlying principles that shape our approach:

Customer Experience is Correlated with Business Success

Historically, interactions between businesses and customers have been defined from one perspective or the other.  Businesses provide products, marketing and services to grow their businesses.  On the flip-side, customer’s experience these interactions from their perspective.  With the rapid proliferation and commodification of products and services, customer experience has become a key differentiator in the marketplace. Positive experiences are required through all touch points and channels associated with each customer’s journey to improve customer acquisition rates, sales, retention, cross-sales, average order size, frequency of purchase, as well as long-term customer loyalty and value. 

Next Best Action (NBA) Optimizes Business Outcomes and Customer Experience

Next Best Action refers to the efforts of marketers to present the offer that customers are most likely to accept or any other content that is most appreciated by the customer.  When the right offer is made to the right customer, at the right time, via the right communication channel, the needs businesses and customers are both met. The key to NBA is to possess a 360 degree view of your customers.  This requires a data integration from multiple business functions and business units (preferably big data that can be brought together and into computer memory to crunch the results in real-time), extremely personalized content, knowledge of each channel’s interactions with customers via every other channel, predictive modeling, a decision engine as well as two elements of artificial intelligence: machine learning and natural language processing.  More details can be found on our blog post NBA: Next-Best Action for Businesses and Their Customers

Culture of Continuous Improvement

At RK Associates, we possess a strong discipline that enables rapid innovation and continuous improvement.  For every project, there are tangible objectives.  Each objective must be measurable so that marketing performance can be understood at any point in time, within any channel and customer segment. A/B and multivariate testing, along with web, campaign, voice of customer and social analytics provide the feedback to understand which of our marketing efforts are working and which are not.  This, in-turn, enables us to provide resources to scale what is working while eliminating the efforts and costs associated with what is not working.  Collectively, this continuously improves the effectiveness and ROI of our initiatives as well the best possible experiences for customers.